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Part 5: Resources

Beside this, you can create an account on the website in order to accede to the live dictionary, your own personalized words library and flashcard system, article keywords, grammar points and idiomatic phrases. We also have some great ‘Learn Chinese’ games to help you reach your goal of being able to speak Chinese as a second language. Voila, the DigChinese converter resolves the problem: just insert the pinyin with the corresponding accent numbers (such as jin1tian1tian1qi4zen3me5yang4, which corresponds to characters â€œä»Šå¤©å¤©æ°”æ€Žä¹ˆæ ·â€) to get the pinyin with correct accents, or “jÄ«ntiāntiānqìzěnmeyà ng“. Interpretation: Learn too fast and you’ll forget too fast because your long-term memory never had a chance to internalize what you thought you were learning. With this application one learns Chinese through a game.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about making the ‘wrong choice’ at this stage. I have developed a new IOS app for practicing writing Chinese characters called “Hanzi & Kanji”. By clicking on the Get Started button you are agreeing to the and the .

Learn Chinese Key

Quoting from their “About” page, started with the idea of providing a set of tips to effectively learn Chinese. I can understand conversations somewhat but I blank out when it comes to speaking.

Great Recordings

However, MIT is quite well known, so I don’t doubt the quality of the course. A list of ““, which in Chinese are used together with numbers to define the quantity of a given object. Extended keyboard layout on my Mac to write pinyin with tone marks. (If you have a Mac, here’s a post on how to use tone marks: ) Hi Eric, Great post and very inspirational.

How to learn Chinese by yourself? Start with an easy and free online course!

Don’t get frustrated if you find some of the phrases difficult to pronounce at first. Ilovelearningchinese.Com says Thanks for the great review on httl://talkify.Net, much appreciated!


But you also need a certain foundation for building upon. Even if Khatzumoto talks about Japanese and it doesn’t seem to update his blog anymore since October 2014, his blog is so far the most comprehensive resource I found for people getting into SRS. FluentU is another excellent company active in the foreign language learning sector (seven languages in all, including Chinese). Its interface is very simple and very similar to Google’s. What I also like is that the resource was released under a Creative Commons License and everybody can contribute to improve it (like a true “wiki” should be).

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To read my interview with Olle and to read our review of his e-Book “Hacking Chinese – A practical Guide to Learn Mandarin”. Once you installed the application on your phone (any smartphone running ANdroid supports it, no need to buy an iPhone), you can use the flashcards also when you are offline. The database seems quite complete too: for all the words I tried I obtained 100 sentences. Please note this content is provided by 50languages.Com via this .

How to Learn Chinese: 5 Key Steps

Record all your mistakes and misunderstanding of some specific concepts. This series of articles is intended to let you approach learning to write Chinese in a rational, effective way by letting you understand the challenge you’re dealing with. (Note: like the introduction, this post is aimed at total beginners who have little to no knowledge of the Chinese language. I find it especially useful for people who are learning , as it breaks down a character into its main components. Enjoy anytime, anywhere learning with lessons that automatically sync across all your devices. They are definitely not separate languages or anything like that.

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This interactive method for learning Mandarin Chinese can result in a more natural language acquisition and better pronunciation. You will find a chart containing all the possible combinations of initials and finals, the basic rules for writing pinyin, where to place tone marks, information about the history of pinyin and other romanization systems (MPS2, Wade-Giles, Yale) and so on. I would strongly recommend that you focus on making progress and not on reaching some ultimate goal figure.Important distinctions It’s probably a good idea to make a few more things clear before I describe the actual method I think is best for learning to write Chinese.Simplified and traditional There are two broad sets of Chinese characters in use to write Chinese. All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time.